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About Reflexology


One theory is that the roots of Reflexology stem from China 5,000 years ago and is today the bones of modern day Chinese medicine. 

Another theory claims that a form of Reflexology was passed down from the Incas to the Cherokee Native Americans. These people have used a form of Reflexology healing throughout the ages. 

The oldest documentation of Reflexology appears in inscriptions and paintings on the walls of ancient Egyption tombs. These show a form of foot massage. Reflexology has developed over the years throughout the history of many cultures - research and studies. 

Our founders of modern day Reflexology have dedicated their time and energies and today the entire body systems are mapped out on the feet. Reflexology is based on the principle that our body systems are linked through meridian pathways - extending from the tips of our toes to the top of our head.  

Reflexology  - stimulates reflex points - unblocks nerve pathways - improves circulation .

Joint Relaxation –  helps release compressed joints and relaxes the surrounding muscles and tissues .

Massage   - takes tension out of stressed - fatigued muscles - relaxes . 

The combination of these three skilled technigues are a powerfull stimulant for the body as a whole.

Reflexologists do not diagnose or prescribe medicines, they view the body as a whole and work reflexes and regions relating to specific  areas that correspond with one another. This assists and encourages the body to find a healthy balance. Reflexology works with the body not against it.

JR Reflexology  -    is a hands on Natural Therapy and should not be confused with any other Orthodox Medicine Therapy. 

Walk Barefoot -  Studies show that walking on uneven, natural stones stimulates acupressure points in the feet - enhancing health. Reflexology Paths are common features in many of our overseas countries, where people walk daily for health. Our feet are our contact with the earth and the energies that flow from the earth, through the feet, enhance the body as a whole. 

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